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Providing  Engineering Services since 1989. 

Being successful in an increasingly competitive global market starts with solid design & engineering.  Leveraging engineering knowledge to innovate new products, improve construction methods, and manufacture more complex products is what we do best. 

Inzero Design has been meeting these engineering challenges while pushing the technology envelope forward for years.  We pride ourselves in providing quality product designs, industrial design,  injection mold designs, tool designs and surfacing information for manufacturing, to those committed to staying ahead in our increasingly competitive world.  Inzero Design has provided services to virtually every market of the U.S. manufacturing  industry including automotive, medical, industrial, electronics and cosmetics. 

Global Sourcing is here to stay! 

Global sourcing can reduce costs significantly. All suppliers / vendors are not created equal domestically or abroad. Inzero design has reliable and quality driven manufacturing vendors both in the US and in China. If you are looking to cut manufacturing costs by making product, components or tools in China than Inzero Design can make contract manufacturing in china easy. Find out More!

Plastics is our Specialty!

Inzero Design has years of plastic expertise.  

Yes we cater to the plastics industry (those committed to bringing plastic products to market) and are committed to bringing the latest proven technologies to that industry. We have provided services to virtually every market in the plastics industry, including automotive, medical, industrial, consumer, electronics, packaging and cosmetics.  If you are thinking of using plastic parts in your next product than we can help make that happen.  Thinking of converting a metal part to plastic? Let us help you succeed.