Computer & CAD Training 

Inzero Design & Engineering Inc., has been working with computer graphics products for well over twenty years. We are proficient users of many CAD systems.  We also are fully versed in many standard software products. This web page was created by us.  All literature and mailings are produced in our office.  We offer training in a wide variety of software applications.  Many times just simply owning a powerful computer and state of the art software is not enough.  Most computer users only use 25 - 50% of the features available to them in any given software product.  Expanding one's base knowledge of the software's features  available can dramatically increase productivity.  If you feel let down by the productivity of your engineering department, you may not be taking full advantage of the tools you have available.  Providing engineering services is our business and we have developed tried and true methods that make our engineering office productive and profitable.  Our many customers' needs have kept us on the edge of technology and we make it a point to push the use of our software's ability to the extent of its usability, hence keeping our services competitively priced.  Our office takes full advantage of all the tools we own.  We would be happy to develop any type of training you may need, from large group training classes to one-on-one specialized training done at your facility.  Let us know what your needs are and we will customize training to fit those specific needs.

Inzero Design is proud to announce a partnership with Automated Technologies Inc. the North American authorized reseller of the KeyCreator product line in CT, NY and RI. 

KeyCreator is widely recognized as the world's most flexible CAD/CAM software. Its geometry-based design and modeling technology with its legendary versatility, ease of use and flexibility make it an excellent platform for any design & engineering environment.  Inzero Design uses this product exclusively for all our design needs.

Authorised KeyCreator   training is provided though Automated Technologies Inc.  They maintain a state of the art training facility in Rocky Hill, CT.  They can also arrange onsite training at your facility is so desired.  

Automated Technologies Inc.  Is currently offering four levels of KeyCreator training.  Each class is three days long and either meets for three consecutive days or for one day a week for three weeks.  Please contact them for prices and schedules. 

KeyCreator Transition / Basic (3 days) Still using the old Cadkey product or an old version of AutoCad?  Then this class is for you!

KeyCreator Basic (3 days) No CAD experience is required.  This class starts from the ground floor and give students the tools they need to start making quality drawings and solid models. 

KeyCreator Advanced (3 days) Experience with 2D and 3D wire frame modeling required.   This is a comprehensive course covering solid model design / creation and automated detailing of those models.

KeyCreator Advanced Hybrid Modeling (3 days) For those that design in 3D solids but are challenged when confronted with complex shapes, blends and features.  This course is for experienced KeyCreator users only.

Want to know what others think about our KeyCreator training classes.  Read some comments from or class evaluations!  Read our Student Comments


Other software courses we would be glad to provide:

  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft FrontPage (web page design software)
  • Using the internet to your advantage