Mold Tool Designs 

Inzero Design & Engineering, Inc. has built its business by providing quality engineering services for manufacturing in the plastics industry. Whether you provide us with a CAD file of your part or we create it, we can produce a 3D tool design to your exact specifications.  By creating a 3D tool design, we are able to provide advanced surfacing information to better facilitate and automate the 3D machining process.  Many of our clients are becoming paperless facilities.  We are proud to part of their success.

From a one cavity prototype to a tight tolerance high cavitation hot runner system, we are committed to providing clients the designs they need to manufacture tools in a cost effective and timely manner.

Injection mold designs include:  tight tolerance multi-cavity tooling, cam action tooling, stripper plate molds, three plate & four plate molds, hot runner systems, hydraulic or air action tooling, shuttle insert molds, unscrewing molds, strip feed, continuous strip molding to overmold tooling or any combination thereof.