Product Development 

If you have a product idea that contains numerous "plastic" components such as outer housing or inner working guts, then you have come to the right place.  Inzero Design & Engineering, Inc. will work together with your project engineer and any other engineering resources needed to help bring your ideas to fruition.  We will aid you in all aspects of engineering those plastic parts.  From material selection to molding we will make sure that the plastic pieces of your product are stylish, manufacturable and  functional. 

We will stand with you every step of the way throughout your product's development to manufacturing and assembly if needed.  We put our heart, soul, name and reputation behind our work so we make every effort to follow through to the end.  Good, strong products have a firm basis in the engineering and planning which takes place in the beginning.  We make every effort to make our contribution to our customers' product's development go as smoothly as possible. Our customers success is our success and that is our goal.

We guarantee our clients confidentiality and the quality of our work.  We will make every effort to ensure your understanding and satisfaction with our service.