Product Design 

Our extensive tooling background give us the ability to concurrently design functional as well as stylish products without taking our eyes off the question "How will this product be manufactured and assembled? Today's markets require innovative and creative solutions to stay competitive.  Inzero Design has provided product designs that have raised the bar for quality and reliability while lowering assembly and manufacturing costs. 

A recent trend is to develop and design products knowing that they will be manufactured over seas.  We know that clients want quality.  If you are planning to send something overseas, it's best to fully design and prototype products before you ship that project to an overseas manufacturers.  Inzero design is proud to say that we have designed a number of products currently for sale at Home Depot and Lowes that are all manufactured overseas.

Over the years Inzero Design has successfully developed products in a variety of materials: plastic, metal, wood, fiberglass… Whatever your medium, quality design work will reduce the overall costs in bringing your product to market.

Plastics is our Specialty!

Inzero Design has specialized designing and developing parts made of plastic.  From housings, enclosures, containers and handles to complex working assemblies, Inzero Design has tackled some of the most complex and challenging projects the plastics industry has to offer.  Call us in on your next project.  We will happily assist your current engineering staff in upping the quality or reliability of your product while hopefully lower its production costs.

Do you design your own plastic parts?  Sometimes having those parts or assemblies reviewed by an outside professional can greatly enhance your bottom line.

Ask yourself these questions..  

  • Do you design latch and snap features into your products?  Is tooling for these products substantially higher?   Costs for specialty features need not balloon tooling prices.  Sometimes small changes in size shape or location can ease construction complications, lowering tool prices, shorten lead times and decrease maintenance costs.
  • Are you frequently told that your part is drafted the wrong way or that draft is needed?  Does your tooling source do this for you only to find later that the molded part does not look or function the way you intended?   Drafting products correctly before tooling begins can save you from these type of issues.  Also, correct placement of draft in advance can simplify tool parting lines, hence lowering production costs and maintenance.
  • Have you had filling issues, splay, sinks or flow marks across esthetic visual surfaces?  Do you know how your part was going to fill when you specified gate location to your tooling source or are you letting them choose the location?  Gate location, Cooling, ribbing, wall thicknesses all matter.   Before you send that part out know what your going to get back.
  • Do your parts have "living hinges?"   Does the hinge last?  Do you have filling issues across the hinge?  Are you having molding issues with the rest of the part because of the hinge?  Issues such as these can be easily resolve during the part development stage.
  • Designing  a round part or square cover that ends up oval or obtuse?  Warping issues plague many parts.  Proper mold cooling, wall thickness, ribs or features can dramatically change how parts are produced.  Achieving round or square parts is not just a tooling issue.
  • Do your parts fit together the way you intended first time around?  If not, are you confronted with outrageous tooling cost for product changes?  There are many factors that can effect the quality of a plastic part.  Many times slips, fits and functioning features need adjusting.  Planning ahead and specifying tooling to accommodate these features adjustments can be beneficial to any successful projects completion.
  • Making great functional parts economically that just don't seem to capture sales?  Maybe those parts are just ugly.  Esthetics matter, stylish parts sell.  In this age of CAD/CAM there is no reason you can't have beautiful, visually appealing products without soaring tooling costs.  There are lots of things that can be done to products to make them more ergonomic or pleasing to the eye without greatly inflating production costs.  

Inzero Design offers a comprehensive product review service.  We can evaluate your part or assembly of parts for any number of specifications.  We can work with your staff in suggesting any number of changes that will enhance your projects success, or we can make the adjustments for your review.  In either case putting your best foot forward always help reaching your goal easier.