Mechanical Drafting Services 

Inzero Design & Engineering Inc., prides itself on providing true 3D design, detail drafting and modeling services with the knowledge to make it work productively for our clients. In the past we have exclusively catered to the plastics industry but in recent years we have expanded our horizons and have been helping many industries accomplish diverse design tasks.

Finding a quality, reliable and affordable design service can greatly enhance your companies infrastructure and bottom line.  Don't wait for a crisis to contact an engineering source, building that relationship over time smoothes out almost any future project.

Do you need an outside design source? Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Have you ever received multiple projects at once just to have some of them sit idle waiting for them to be designed?
  • Do you design as you go? How many times did that practice cost you extra in the course of a manufacturing?
  • Have you received projects to bid on that just might be out of your league or that you may be hesitant to try with your current engineering / design staff?
  • Are you trying to build three dimensional parts with two dimensional designs?
  • Are you developing three dimensional electrodes using two dimensional CAD data or avoiding three dimensional contour work altogether?
  • Do you have machinists that spend hours in front of a computer generating surfaces to machine? If so, why?
  • Have you tried outsourcing to a local designer with mixed results? Most of these type designers are "fly-by-night designers" or part timers with other day jobs.
  • Have you tried using other design sources only to find that you could not use their CAD data? With the advancements of interoperable CAD systems today this should never happen.

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then the services provided by Inzero Design may be for you. If you haven't considered outsourcing work, or if you have with mixed results then you just have not gone to the right place. Having access to a reliable engineering source to fill in the gaps or handle overflow can dramatically ease the burdens of any engineering department that is currently short-handed or overloaded.

With the advancement of high speed internet services, e-mail, and overnight delivery, working with companies outside your local area has become easy. Leveraging the information age to your advantage by look outside your local area for technical services can enhance any business.