Manufacturing Resources 

Due to the nature of our business, our client list consists of numerous custom injection molders and many independent tooling houses and fabricators.  Not every product needs a "clean room" ISO 9002 compliant manufacturing facility.  If you contract us for product design, product development or tooling design work and need assistance in finding the appropriate manufacturing facility for your project, we will gladly provide contract manufacturing services domestically and abroad. 

Part of our commitment to our customers is to make sure they are happy with our work and that their products do indeed make it to market. No matter where you go for manufacturing, Inzero Design supports our work.  You as our client are welcome to have those manufacturers contact us directly for any assistance they may need.  Any contact of this nature will be documented and the information forwarded to you, our original client. We guarantee customer confidentiality and the quality of our service.  Therefore you will have to inform us of your intentions prior to us speaking to any company or firm regarding your project. We maintain our records indefinitely so years later you (our original client only) may contact us for updates, redesigns, or just simply replacement of damaged prints or lost files.