KeyCreator Resource Center

We use KeyCreator exclusively for all our mechanical design needs.  It is an extremely flexible  product with loads of capability.   This product has helped us keep our price points competitive and our engineering lean.   Though our work with Automated Technologies Inc. we have come to realize that many of KeyCreator users are not taking advantage of many of the customizable features available in this software.  With so many customizable features confronting users it is easy to see why many designers are reluctant or overwhelmed and simply leave this product set to it's default setting. 

We have taken the liberty of developing a "design settings" package that can help new and old users of this product to more effectively and efficiently get there work done. What we have done is consolidate all the default configuration files into one master "design settings" folder and added a bunch more files for perusal.  It is a free download. 

What is in the "Design Settings" folder:

Workspaces (*.wsp) -  People have different monitor sizes run at many different resolutions.  We have added "ten" new fully loaded workspaces for users to try.  Find one that fits your screen.  It is a lot easier to remove icons than to find useful icons.  Feel free to remove icons you do not need.  Less is more!  Put your name to the file and make it your own!

CKT - Template Files (*.ckt)  - Template files are the default starter files for KeyCreator.  They contain all sorts of settings among these are units, colors, text settings etc.  We have four more comprehensive starter files for you. (Two new for inches and two new for metric)

KeyBoards (*.kbd) -  Keyboard / Accelerator keys are always something personal to each user.   Over the years we have developed a comprehensive approach to speeding design work along and acutely placing data into CAD files.  Read our KC Function Key page and give them a try.

Printer Settings - We have created a few printer configurations to help darken some prints or put appropriate time / date or company stamps on your prints.   Get into these files using the options command and substitute your company name in.  There is a printing toggle that lets you turn the printing stamp features on and off. 

Download these Design Settings Here

We hope all these files will help you better facilitate your work while enjoying the work.  That said there is no substitute for quality training.   If you find KeyCreator daunting to use or are unable to create specific geometries than this would be a good indication that you probably need some formal training.  Read about Training Classes or contact Automated Technologies Inc. directly.