Compatibility is always one of the first issues that comes up with new clients. Cross platform integrity of data or interoperability, is one of the most important issues to engineers across all industries.  Therefore our choice of a design platform must address this issue first and foremost. KeyCreator (formerly Cadkey) is our choice for both our 2D and 3D drawing needs.  It uses the ACIS modeling husk. The ACIS modeling husk is used in over 200 different products across the CAD, CAM, CAE, and AEC markets.  Over Two million people use a product that takes advantage of this modeling husk.  This makes the KeyCreator product extremely compatible industry wide.  We take every step necessary to ensure that our cad data is compatible and usable with our clients in house CAD and CAM system.

Translation Services: We offer data translation services.  If you have a CAD Data file needing translation Inzero Design will be glad to help you.  You will find our same day service very reasonable.  Payments are made via PayPal.

3D Models

  • KeyCreator CKD 6 Import/export
  • STEP (ISO 10303) AP203/214 Import/export
  • IGES (ANSI Y14.26M) Import/export
  • ACIS SAT 1.5-16 Import/export
  • Parasolid XT 12-17 Import/export
  • STL Import/export
  • VRML Export
  • AutoCAD R18 - AutoCAD 2004/2006 drawings Import/export
  • AutoCAD DWG/DXF 11-2000 wireframe and polygon Import/export
  • Autodesk Inventor 6-10 Import
  • CADKEY 5-19 Import
  • Catia 4.1.9-4.2.4 Import/export
  • Catia 5 R6-15 Import
  • Pro/Engineer 16-2001 Import
  • Pro/E Wildfire 1 and 2 Import
  • SolidWorks 96-2004 Import
  • Unigraphics 11-18 Import
  • Unigraphics NX 1-3 Import
  • Import various ASCII text formats of point cloud files as points or process into splines or polylines

2D Drawings

  • AutoCAD DWG/DXF 11-2006 import and export
  • CADKEY PRT/PTN 5-19 import
  • IGES import and export
  • PDF file format

Graphics Output

  • TIFF
  • HPGL/2
  • HTML
  • WMF
  • CGM


All our work is done on high end Windows XP Professional Workstations. Prints can be provided in any size from A-D architectural. Standard paper. We use 24" x 36" media for detail prints.  Prints are plotted on a HP Design Jet 430 plotter.  We have a high resolution color printer for color renderings and a high resolution laser printer for black and white prints. Our facility also has a CD writer for creating our own data CD's. We have 24 hr internet access for sending and receiving files with anti-virus protection.