Contract manufacturing in China 

All manufacturing suppliers are not created equal.  This is true domestically and abroad.   The only way to evaluate a quality manufacturing facility is to inspect the facility and their manufacturing processes and speak with them in their own language.   Over the years we have evaluated dozens of suppliers across China and now have reliable quality driven suppliers in Taiwan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou,Wuxi, Zhongshan and Shenzhen.

What does all this mean for you!

  • Competitive pricing - We don't have financial ties to any Chinese factory. This allows us to get competitive pricing (bidding) from the best facilities that match our clients manufacturing needs.
  •  Quality - We take a hands on approach in choosing quality, reliable vendors.  Consistency of workmanship, reliable product delivery and our engineering oversight ensures that products meet if not exceed our clients expectations.
  • Confidentiality - We have many clients projects at our overseas vendors.  This is a huge incentive to keep proprietary and patent information confidential.   We have never had any issues regarding these types of  matters.
  • Risk & liabilities -  By contracting through a U.S corporation you eliminate all the liabilities associated with working with an overseas company.  We take care of the production financing, inspection monitoring process, shipping costs, insurance, customs duties and shipping fees including delivery to your warehouse.
  • Product & Project evaluation - Not every product / production is suitable for offshore manufacturing.  Let us help you evaluate your next project.  We can gladly give a you cost comparisons for production domestically and abroad. 

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